Special Offer

Full Kitchen Remodel $19,895.00

What's included:

  • labor and a $9,760.00 in materials allowance.
  • Valid for a kitchen up to 80 square feet; larger kitchens can be remodeled for an additional fee.
  • Removal of appliances
  • Removal of all floor tiles with underlayment (one layer)
  • Removal of all old cabinets
  • Delivery and installation of new cabinets in existing configuration with new knobs and handles
  • Installation of new granite countertops, sink, and faucet
  • garbage disposal installation and hook-up to existing utilities is an extra charge
  • Re-installation of all appliances in existing locations
  • Connection to existing utilities
  • Installation of new underlayment, floor tiles, and grout (straight-pattern design, custumer pays for materials)
  • Disposal of all job-related debris

  • Materials Allowance:

  • Material costs assume purchase through service provider
  • Up to $950 Sink, faucet, paint, new electrical switches and GFCI's
  • Up to $60 for cabinet knobs and handles.
  • Up to $ 8,750 for 8 new Eco wood cabinets and 30sq ft of new granite countertop. More options availible for an additional fee. /li
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    Full Bathroom Remodel $9,995.00

    What's included:

  • $9,995.00 for a bathroom remodel, up to 45 square feet, installation labor, and a $1,950 materials allowance included.
  • Additional square footage can be purchased for an additional fee, ask the service provider for details.

  • Offer includes: demolition of old bathroom; installation of new bathtub framing (if necessary); build new bench inside the shower area; build new niche 12 x 12 in shower area; installation of new sliding glass door up to 60 inches long (special sizes available at extra cost); installation of 0.5-inch cement board on floors and walls surrounding shower; installation of new water proof system, before the tile installation on floor and walls inside the shower; installation and grouting of up to 100 square feet of tile on floor and walls; installation of new toilet, vanity with countertop, medicine cabinet, shower and bath faucet, and sink; priming and painting walls and ceiling; disposal of all job-related debris.

    Materials Allowance:

  • Material costs assume purchase through service provider
  • Up to $350 for vanity combo and sink faucet
  • Up to $300 for new bathtub or shower system
  • Up to $300 for new sliding glass door up to 59 inches wide
  • Up to $400 for new tiles for floors and walls
  • Up to $250 for new waterproof system by Schulter
  • Up to $150 for new toilet
  • Up to $100 for shower head and bath faucet
  • Up to $50 for grout
  • Up to $50 for paint